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Vehicles of Involution

- movement from spirit into matter. This is a place for visual and verbal inspirational commentary and catharsis...a place for uninhibited, nonjudgmental,inquisitive,creative freedom and invoke Evolution - the movement from matter to spirit.


Athena and Four Bodies

The owl

-Symbol of acute awareness, the bird of crafty skill that accompanies Athena (greek goddess of civilization) and of the stunning power of death…the powers of death are also the powers of transformation.

- Early connections of the owl to feminine fertility and regeneration.

-The depth of the owl’s wisdom includes not only the ability to bring what is dark into the light, but also the ability to live in the dark itself

The four bodies

Filters through which we experience all things…each have a different purpose, quality and each is a perfect map to the treasure of our god-self

1) Physical – carnal body (carriage body)

2) Emotional-natural body (horse body)

3) Mental-spiritual body (driver body)

4) Spiritual-divine body (Master, I, Consciousness, will)

each purple outline around the owl represents the four bodies...

finished painting to come...

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