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Vehicles of Involution

- movement from spirit into matter. This is a place for visual and verbal inspirational commentary and catharsis...a place for uninhibited, nonjudgmental,inquisitive,creative freedom and invoke Evolution - the movement from matter to spirit.


Investigation of the Sefirot

I've missed you! Thank you for checking in to see what's been brewing in the creative zone de T.O.B.

Investigation of the Sefirot

Note: I will use the word”God” in this post/exploration. Please don’t get hung up on it. Apply what works for you/your beliefs in place of that word, “Creator”, “infinite”, “Oneness”, “Lord”, “Jesus”, “Buddha”, “Kali”, “Shiva”, “Almighty”, “Dog”, whatever resonates….

“…when we generate good words, kind thoughts and daring deeds in defense of truth and justice, we vitalize the world of the Sefirot and fasten our soul to the tree of life.”

The Sefirot in short can be described as:

-10 Emanations through which God reveals itself and continuously creates both the physical realm and the chain of higher metaphysical realms. A dynamic chain that channels the divine energy downward to our worlds…this energy source sustains and nurtures us.

-the 10 manifestations of the infinite, 10 aspects of the divine personality, the mystery of faith known as the tree of life – a blueprint for the inner workings of god, the universe, and the soul

-Ezekiel, a mystic among mystics, a visionary and prophet to his people, brought knowledge of the Sefirot from the divine to his people (that would be us)

I have illustrated a diagram which gives brief description of each Sefirah.

The Serpent

-You’ll notice in the images below that I have chosen a serpent to represent the lightning that illuminates the Sefirot.

- The serpent…it hears through its skin and is particularly sensitive to low frequency vibrations and trembling of the earth, linking it with secret, subterranean, oracular mysteries of knowledge… the snake withdraws to shed its skin, signifying renewal, rebirth and immortality.


-Signifies transformation, enlightenment, and the raw powers of nature.

-the ten ineffable sefirot have the appearance of the lightning flash…to mean the sefirot are luminescent or that they can only be seen for an instant, like a flash of lightning…the emanation of the sefirot as well as the continual descent of divine forces through the tree of life in zigzag pattern like lightning..

from the investigation came the following bodies of work (some in process still...)

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