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Vehicles of Involution

- movement from spirit into matter. This is a place for visual and verbal inspirational commentary and catharsis...a place for uninhibited, nonjudgmental,inquisitive,creative freedom and invoke Evolution - the movement from matter to spirit.

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Vibration of Process, Allowing, and Acceptance

We humans are infinitely complex beings, as you know because you are one. This piece is about, you guessed it, process, allowing and acceptance. Our complex minds want to control, and so, playing the devils advocate, I will attempt to do the opposite. I am creating a piece of work here, in which the outcome will be as much a surprise to me as it is to you. I certainly have ideas as far as what elements I'd like to see somehow incorporated, but how it turns out, well, we shall see. This project will have layers, just as we do. Though we have many more, I will choose three distinct layers here and express them through  symbolism and technique in this painting. They are as follows: 1) Layer one- Extreme, chaos, uncertainty, trust....abstract background, free paint and mindless color choice 2) layer 2 - inspiration, creation, divine intervention, merging.....almost whole, excitement of inspiration, sound wave 3) layer 3 - Brahman/sustainer, balance...A finished portion of nature and an antique music player. balance & completion

So far we have layer one and the beginning of layer two. See below

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