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Vehicles of Involution

- movement from spirit into matter. This is a place for visual and verbal inspirational commentary and catharsis...a place for uninhibited, nonjudgmental,inquisitive,creative freedom and invoke Evolution - the movement from matter to spirit.

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Transmutationism Art Show

I am looking forward to sharing these new creations with you!  I've been on a creative journey studying sacred geometry, various symbolism of regeneration, and playing with various layering techniques. The photos do not fully represent the intricacies of the art. Their are plenty more paintings to see. Below I've posted some newbies for you to sample. Hope you can make a trip in the next month to visit beautiful Santa Barbara and check out TRANSMUTATIONISM.

This new body of work entitled TRANSMUTATIONISM will be going up at SoHo, Restaurant and Music Club on September 12th and will be up until Halloween.

LOCATION/DIRECTIONS: HOURS OF OPERATION: Doors open at 4pm each day and music usually begins around 6 or 7 pm

MUSIC CALENDAR:   In case you'd like to schedule your visit to include some live music AND Art! Some photos of new pieces:

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